free ride

Prayaan's free ride is a unique platform transforms the way people experience their communities
by promoting local mobility and seamlessly connecting them to their destination

.Helping people getting into work ontime
.Connecting every neighborhood

Prayaan Free Rides

Share Your Spare Seat, Save the Planet! Prayaan's Free Ride option is a fantastic way to promote eco-friendly travel and share your empty carpool seats with others. It's a win-win for everyone:
Reduce Emissions: By filling up empty seats, you take additional cars off the road, significantly reducing overall traffic and harmful emissions. Save Money: You save on gas costs by sharing the ride, especially on longer trips. Make Connections: Meet new people who share your eco-conscious values and enjoy some good conversation along the way.

Here’s how Prayaan Free Rides work

Offer Your Empty Seat: Use the Prayaan app to indicate you have spare space in your car and the route you’re travelling.
Match with Riders: Prayaan connects you with riders heading in the same direction who can share your ride.
Safe and Secure: Prayaan prioritizes safety. You can view rider profiles and reviews before accepting anyone.

Share ride - save earth