Share Ride

* Sharing rides means that participants drive less, which has a major environmental benefit. 
* Ride-sharing is an innovative on-demand transport service that aims to promote sustainable transport, reduce car utilization.

Prayaan Share Rides

Prayaan's Share Ride option allows you to travel sustainably and affordably by sharing your ride with others heading in the same direction. It's a fantastic choice for:
Cost-Effective Travel: Split the fare and fuel costs for longer journeys, making eco-friendly travel accessible to everyone.
Reduced Traffic Congestion: Fewer cars on the road mean smoother traffic flow and less pollution for everyone.
Social Travel Experience: Meet new people who share your interest in sustainability and potentially make some new friends during your ride.

Here’s how Prayaan Share Rides work:

  • Choose Your Ride: Select the Share Ride option on the Prayaan app and enter your destination.
  • Find Your Match: Prayaan will connect you with other riders heading a similar route.
  • Seamless Booking: The app automatically calculates and splits the fare amongst all passengers.
  • Ride Together: Enjoy a comfortable and eco-friendly journey to your destination.

Prayaan Share Rides offer flexibility:

  • Choose Your Vehicle: Depending on the number of passengers and luggage, you can opt for auto rickshaws or cars for your Share Ride.
  • Plan Your Journey: You can specify your desired pick-up and drop-off locations within reasonable limits.
share ride - save earth